Vanceburg Christian Church

  Love God, Love  people.

Student Ministry

Daniel McClurg

Youth Minister

Starting on March 14th, the student ministry will begin meeting at The Carter House on the corner of Second and Main in Vanceburg, KY. 

Mission: Vanceburg Christian Church’s Student Ministry is Rooted in Christ.

Vision: Vanceburg Christian Church’s students would be Rooted In Christ so that their life style reflects the Bible, and Christian living.


  1. We will define ourselves as ROOTED in Christ by reading and memorizing Scripture, and praying regularly.
  2. We will illustrate that we are ROOTED in Christ by living our lives in accordance to the Bible’s teachings.
  3. We will show we are ROOTED in Christ by attending Wednesday evenings, and Sunday Church, which includes Sunday School.
  4. We will prioritize being ROOTED in Christ by structuring our individual lives to reflect Jesus and the Church.
  5. We will build an atmosphere of individuals who are ROOTED in Christ by making disciples who make disciples.
  6. We will prove we are ROOTED in Christ by serving the VCC student ministry, the Church, and our community in a Christ-like manner.