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Wednesday, Feb 14 at 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Wednesday, Feb 14 at 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Wednesday, Feb 14 at 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Wednesday, Feb 21 at 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
38 Front Street Vanceburg Ky 41179



First Service:       9:00 am

Sunday School: 10:10 am

Second Service:11:00 am


Adult Bible Study, Youth Group, 

& Kid Zone

7:00 pm

Winter, 2017
FINANCIAL STATUS—In 2016, the church was able to expand the ministries we offered. We welcomed Daniel McClurg as a full-time minister, made some major improvements to the property, gave more money to missions than ever before, continued to do benevolent work through the Generous Bucket and honored our local law enforcement officials last August with gift certificates to local restaurants. We have increased all these ministries while maintaining our regular bank balance. Thank you for your faithful giving! We hope and pray that as we grow in number and as individuals grow spiritually, our giving will allow us to minister to an increasing number of people.
NEW MEMBERS—VCC added 23 new members in 2016. 7 were transfers and 16 were baptized into Christ. This year’s new members are: Kathy Smith, Keith & Cheryl Reis, Dennis & Tammy Brown, Brandon Ruckel, Chantz & Kendra Walters, Wilma Dunbar, Peyton Spencer, Christy Hoots, Levi Burriss, Patience Howell, Brenda Hilger, Mike & Kristy Kennedy, Laira Kennedy, Chris & Karrah Bryan, Lisa Ginn, Jamie & Leslie Weddington and Isaac Weddington. Let us make these new members feel welcome and help them find their place to serve in the church. Let us also be reaching out to those who will become the next new members of Vanceburg Christian Church.
MINISTRY TEAM SYSTEM—Last year we formed a group of teams to oversee several ministries in the church. We are still working to get those teams more organized so that they can function efficiently. If you have any questions about how you might get more involved in the work of the church, see any of our ministers, elders or deacons.
WORKING WITH OUR CONSULTANT—We continue to work with Paul Snoddy, our church consultant. Paul has given us some excellent advice on church growth and health. Here are the goals that we have formulated:
Cultivate a climate where there is an expectation of positive change.
Strive for continual and consistent communication between the leaders and the congregation.
Make wise choices to use our property to best facilitate kingdom growth.
Sponsor various community outreach events.
Encourage involvement of our members:
Small group studies
Ministry involvement
Paul Snoddy has also posed some questions to the leaders that might be beneficial for your consideration as well:
What has God been doing at VCC?
What are some recent stories of life change?
With growth, a positive atmosphere, and many good things occurring, there can also be challenges. What would you see as VCC’s biggest challenges for 2017?
ATTENDANCE—Our attendance figures have gone up steadily over the past few years. Check out the numbers:
2011—75   2014—121
2012—94   2015—138
2013—104   2016—147
 Attendance at our Christmas and Easter services at Lewis Co. High School:
  Easter 2015—291  Easter 2016—235
  Christmas 2015—239  Christmas 2016—230
 Attendance at our annual outdoor worship service and picnic:
  2012—108   2015—179
  2013—160   2016—201
PROPERTY IMPROVEMENTS—We have finished concreting the parking lot between the church building and Market St. and have also installed a new basketball goal. We want to thank the late Margo Hamm and her family for financing this project. We also want to thank the many men in the church who donated their time and hard work to get this project finished.
UPDATE ON THE LAWSUIT—The lawsuit involving the church and the claim of sexual abuse involving former pastor Duncan Aker, is proceeding in a typical fashion. The law firm of Frost Brown Todd is representing our church. It is a large firm with many offices in different cities; our attorneys work out of the Florence, Kentucky office. They have filed motions requesting dismissal of certain parts of the lawsuit. These motions will likely not be ruled upon by the judge until sometime in March. If we win all or a portion of the motions, it does not mean the lawsuit will be over, but certain aspects of the lawsuit would no longer be an issue. Our attorneys have been very reasonable to this point as to what fees they have asked to be paid. However, we know that the fees will be escalating as time progresses. All possible angles are being explored as to how to best deal with the lawsuit, and we are in frequent communication with the attorneys. We ask for your continued prayers.
FAMILY FUN DAY—Saturday, April 8, we will host a day of fun and food for parents and their children. This will take place at Lewis Co. Central Elementary school. More details will come later. Start to invite your family and friends.
SERMON/SMALL GROUP SERIES—Our next church-wide study will begin Sunday, March 5 and will continue through Sunday, April 2. This series, “March Madness”, will focus on what it means to be a part of God’s team. The sermons will encourage us to think deeply about what it means to be a follower of Jesus. Small groups will be forming to meet in peoples’ homes to study these concepts further and to allow discussion of these matters in an informal setting. We hope that you can commit to be involved in this series as much as possible.
LCHS PEP BAND—Several of our youth play in the pep band at home basketball games. They are quite good! Maybe you could make it out to a game and show them your support!